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Bee Logo Snifter

Image of Bee Logo Snifter


So you have a bottle of Krupnikas and would like to imbibe some. But what is the best way to do so? Can you just drink it straight from the bottle?

In these certain demographics, this is an allowable behavior. It would be okay to do this:
  • If you are a pirate.
  • If you are a bear.
  • If you are one of the uncouth.
  • Nobody is watching.

To determine the answer to this complex dilemma, break it down into smaller questions. Is your "hand" actually a hook? Do you own shoes? Are you covered in fur and do you live in the woods?

For the rest of you, we recommend this thing called a "glass." Specially engineered to contain liquids of many sorts, these devices can be used to safely sip Krupnikas in front of civil society.

We have here, for sale, a 5.5 oz glass snifter that is ideal for sipping Krupnikas and looking fly whilst doing so. It's printed with our infamous bee-stencil logo. Pay us the correct amount of money and we'll give you one.

Be advised that drinking glassware only functions correctly when upright and intact.