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Brothers Vilgalys Hats!

Image of Brothers Vilgalys Hats!


No other hat in the world can do what this hat can do.

Features include:
  • Allows you to travel forwards in time.
  • Protection from things that hit the brim of the hat instead of your face.
  • Special technology developed by NASA that alerts your brain when it is "Krupnikas Time."
  • Emits an sticky, ink-like liquid when threatened to warn off predators.
  • Stack multiple hats on top of one another to increase their powers and get special bonuses.
  • 100% increase in the amount of hat on your head vs. not wearing a hat.
  • Available in Alternate Flat-Brim Design for Maximum SWAG.

But really, this is a well-made hat with an adjustable velcro strap (What did we tell you? NASA Science).