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Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Flask

Image of Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Flask


Here are some not-so-frequently asked questions about the Brothers Vilgalys Logo Flasks:

Q: What are the flasks made of? How much do they hold?
These flasks are made of completely non-flammable & non-edible stainless steel. Each and every one features the Brothers Vilgalys company logo, and can contain up to six fluid ounces of Krupnikas!

Q: What if I fill it with Whiskey or something else?
Using the latest cutting edge technology from NASA, we've designed these flasks to be compatible with other, non-Krupnikas spirits as well. Although to be honest, we're not really sure why you'd ever want to do that.

Q: Like most Americans, I'm having trouble visualizing what six ounces of volume actually looks like.
First of all, that's not technically a question. In any case, these flasks will fit easily in most pockets, but not those tiny little pockets on some girls jeans. Actually not much of anything fits in those pockets anyway.